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Hello, It's Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. I have had such a lovely time looking through your Days of Children. Sweetness beyond words. In search of your little Gnome, I smiled at each abandoned furniture photo. I love these in between moments that are so often overlooked. Your sewing is fresh and modern, your words filled with pride. Your little Gnome begins my morning with such a smile. Thank you so much for sharing and visiting my Gnome Party. Elizabeth


Wow, this is awesome! It looks pretty perfect to me. I love the preciseness of it, though you'll probably laugh at that, knowing things I don't. I love too that you used a zipper instead of snaps or velcro.

I agree that all the time spent was worth it for how much you learned. Imagine how pissed you'd have been had you made those mistakes on your good material!!

So I thought of you this afternoon and I'll tell you why.

C and I and Lucy went for another romp through the woods today and I came across this amazing bag that had been dumped there. It was frozen but I have an eye for nice things so I checked it out, and it was in PERFECT shape, even the handles and strap, not cracked or anything. Not only that but the material was wool or at least wool-like and it was a CHAPS, Ralph Lauren travel bag! I wondered if someone nicked it and then freaked out and dumped it.

Anyway, I loved the brown, sort of houndstooth pattern. (I actually found the bag online, too!) I would have brought it home and thawed and washed it or cleaned it, except it had what I think was a squirrel's nest in it and it smelled of animal urine. Damn. Also, I didn't have a camera, which made me think of you and your abandoned couch photos.

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That is awesome Steph. I love finding abandoned things, and I wish you got a photo! Especially with a squirrels nest. Bonus! Bummer that it could not have been salvaged. I've been known to bring home scarves and mitts that I found on the street and, provided they withstand a wash with scaldingly hot water and strong soap, I will wear them. Not quite to that extreme, my favourite t-shirt is one that mysteriously was left in my apartment in MTL after a particularly fun party. Its so perfectly worn in, and I love it, even though it is of dubious provenance.

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And thank you Elizabeth! Such kind words. I should have called my blog 'Day's of Children' its such a lovely and evocative name! Keep the Gnome Party rockin'.


One time, on a walk down at the waterfront here, I found a knitted cap, the kind that sort of sags at the back but that had a little visor-thing (this sounds stupid, but do you know what I mean?) at the front. It looks homemade. I took it home and washed it and now I wear it!


I love how this turned out...I've always shied away from bias cutting, because I'm not always the most accurate crafter. The chevron looks so good the way you pieced it!

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Thanks Rebekah. Its my first foray into fussy cutting. I'm so happy with the results that I might do more.
And Steph, I totally know what you mean by that hat. I have one like it. And I also have a scarf that I found all encrusted with dirt on a street in Montreal, but I washed it and it is a very soft black scarf that I got tons of use out of until I lost it. I hope someone else finds it and it keeps having a life of use.


I love the tab detail, as the sleepsack I just made for my little guy does rub a bit, and the tab is a much more elegant solution than just quickly sewing some fleece over the top. Although I'll have to try with snaps, as he loves to pull apart things already, velcro being his favorite. Does the quilting add a lot of weight/warmth to it during the night, enough so than with just a sleeper and sack he stays pretty toasty?

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