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Oh my...I love it! Love the idea of using her clothes, and the embroidery and applique on the back...So Cute!


Cheerful quilt. Love your embroidery work too! Just delightful.

Thanks for sharing and for participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.



This is such a beautiful quilt! I love it. I'm sure it will be a treasure for a very long time.

Julie Bagamary

Fun quilt!


Adorable! I love the diagonal stripes of squares and your embroidery is beautiful!


What sweet little details! Love it...


I LOVE this quilt!


what a lovely quilt! I love the embroidery ... simply beautiful work!

Carol Hansen

Well the picture of the baby back took me totally by surprise. That's because I was staring at all the little bits in the other pictures :) Your niece is one lucky little lady.

Lillian Burdorf

I've always wanted to be able to do quilting, but not great with a sewing machine. Anyway my mother used to quilt to and I learned everything from her but that was the one thing that I never got good at. I really like your quilt. Keep on quilting you have a great knack for it.


So pretty--excellent work!


Well you should just give it a try. Honestly, I still consider my self kind of a non-sewer. I can't make clothes really, and am still just learning. Quilting is easy because it can all be done with straight lines. It's just a big project made of little projects. You could totally do it!

Kaye Prince

You did a fantastic job! It's really evident how much time you took to get the perfect pieces of the clothing into the squares. The back is awesome - what a great idea! I also love the stripy bind, it's so fun!

Mr. LemurBoy

Have I ever mentioned that I have no clue how you have the patience to do work like this? Awesome job!


Wow! Amazing! The only problem with having something so precious for a child is trying to decide if she's allowed to get her sticky little hands on it! Its absolutely beautiful, Andrea.


Wow- love the portrait! Really wonderful work!


Oh, what a wonderful keepsake !
Her mother is going to be THRILLED with this.
That is quite an accomplishment, and a wonderful story........you should print it up to send with the quilt for the baby's book !

finger thumb

Aw, thanks guys! Your compliments make me proud. And she will totally be allowed to put her sticky little hands all over it. Its made out of her clothes, so there was some staining here and there already, which makes it not so sacrosanct, if you know what i mean. Also, a bonus of using all second hand fabric is that it will wash easily.


Wow, wow, wow. Dre, you rock. That quilt is the most amazing quilt I've ever seen. You are the best aunt ever. I wish I was your neice. What a treasure.

finger thumb

Thank you Amanda! I'll let you know when I need more nieces. You'll be the first in line. :)


Wow! That is terrific! We're having our 1st baby the end of March and I'd love to do something similar. The back is my favorite, I think. I don't have the embroidery skills you do so I better start practicing now!
Well done!!!

finger thumb

You could totally do it Sara. All you need to embroider is fingers and patience. I've been to your blog and it looks like you have both. Plus you have more than 5 months before your baby gets here. That's plenty of time :)

mindy sue

love that quilt!! so special and lovely!
xo m


Lovely, and now you get to look at it all the time.

finger thumb

Yeah, its a good thing I took those photos, because its gone off to its new home. I'll post about that soon.

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