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I love your guidelines! They are so true. I personally have experianced both reactions when giving a hand made gift.


I totally get it. I have been on both sides. I sometimes make things for people. Sometimes I have asked if they wanted it before hand and have gotten a lukewarm response that I wasn't expecting. I have also been on the receiving end of a hand-knit sweater from a dear loved one that is just not my style (AT ALL), and I don't know what to do with it. I put it on when I'm at home sometimes to see if it will grow on me. So far, no luck.


these are really great tips for gift giving.

I usually can tell if my friends will be receptive to things I make them and I am always more excited to give the fun receivers a handmade gift.

Because the baby quilts that I make are pretty quick to make, I don't mind giving a little quilt and a store bought gift too (at least they'll like one of the things I make them)

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That's a good idea Rebekah. Smart to add a little something from a store, so that way you cover all your bases.


I pull out the quilt almost daily and feel like it's Christmas everytime I see it. It is the most special thing I have ever received. Even Abby, who isn't lacking in the blanket dept. has a sense that it is something special! She plays in it, rolls in it and snuggles it! WE LOVE IT and appreciate Auntie Dre SO SO much for her time, talent and love! Now our girl is turning 2 tomorrow and we will reminisce about her wee baby clothes she wore so long ago, time sure flies and this quilt helps us treasure the days past that will never be forgotten! Wow, what a gift! We thank you infinitum! (my last comment months ago didn't post) I hope this one does.... xo

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Aw, thanks Denise! You are the best gift reciever EVER! And I've been thinking of Abby all week, as her birthday arrives. Such a special day. I'm so bummed we can't be there, but we will lift a sippy cup in her honour!

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