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That fabric is amazing! I love the vintage sesame street. Memories of the 80s are flocking back.


Wow you hit the jackpot :)


My 6-year-old was looking over my shoulder as I read your post and looked at the fabrics. He wanted to know which one I like. I like all of them, but not really the deep thoughts one. He likes the deep thoughts one. Not to be contrary to me, it's just the one he likes.

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Maybe he's a deep thoughts kind kid.... I love that web browsing is an interactive activity for you two ;)

Randolph Jordan

Okay, I can't stand it, that Sesame Street print is TO DIE FOR!

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I know, I really hit the jackpot with that one. Stay tuned for the quilt version.... Plus also, I'm going to start and etsy shop soon, and maybe I'll make a few pillows to sell, and you can get one for the baby's room, to go with her R2D2 toy.

Marcia Van Drunen

The Sesame Street one is my favorite, and I love the buttons on the sweater. YAY! Both ended up in the best home ever for fabric and handmade things :)


i'm into the scandy print and the flowery animals. soooo cute! lucky lady!

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I know! I've got them all folded in a nice pile on the couch, and I can't wait to do something with them.

brooklyn codger

we can never go to value village together—we would definitely get in a fight. i am the only person I know who goes to linens first! then housewares, then hats n mitts looking for the homemade. then books. Sometimes I lie awake at night just MISSING value village. they have nothing like it in new york.

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It bums me out that they don't have V.V. in N.Y.C. I feel sad on your behalf. And though you are right about potential fights, I don't want to give up on the idea of thrifting with you. I think we could do it if we had some (very elaborate) ground rules. 1. We would have to visit two V.V's in a row. 2. In the first one you would get to pick over the linens first, and in the second one I would get first crack at them. 3. We'd divide the other sections up too, and alternate first and second dibs in the respective stores. I think it could work. Unless you and I have the same shoe size AND dress size. Then all bets are off.

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