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Dennis Van Staalduinen

Hey Andrea. Congratulations on the new blog, and a great start. I've been managing to slowly build my brand geek blog over the last 6 months. But it's hard work (blogging and slogging are often one and the same).

Where are you now?

Marcia Van Drunen

Thanks for the blog invite! I love living vicariously, and do so even more right now with our newborn.
My heart ached as I read the Montreal piece, and the pic of your very own apartment was darling. I can believe that you miss it.
May this new venture turn out well.
Love the squid onesie :)


Thanks Marcia! I'll think of you reading here as I'm writing. Nothing like a little blog browsing to help you 'get out of the house' in a theoretical sense when you are hanging out with the new baby. Give his noggin a smooch for me.

Elizabeth S

That computer monitor is so funny - I almost peed my pants. I'm sorry you miss Montreal but I'm sure you are on your way to making lots of new memories. Love that you are making so many neat things for Kees. I need a new project myself - maybe I'll learn to cable and make a sweater for W for next winter. I like to give myself realistic time lines...


Yeah, start that puppy now, and make it to fit for NEXT winter and then maybe you'll get it done. That's what works for me ;)

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