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Marcia Van Drunen

your blog.
Your pics, content, cute hubs and baby, great fam, ideas, did I mention pics? and in particular your way with words.
keep going!!

Marcia Van Drunen

and would you LOOK at that birthday cake your Mama made for your little 8-year-old self!

finger thumb

Aw Marcia, you are making me blush. You are also making me happy. Its so good to know that someone is reading, and not just my mom and sister ;)
Oh, and that cake - my mom had this book called The Cut Up Cake Book, that showed you how to cut up standard square or circle or rectangular cakes, and make them into bunnies and space ships. You know, I should do a post about that book... It was awesome.


The cut up cake book was indeed awesome.
Our sister is more awesome. Had lunch with her today, and it's always good getting her perspective on things :)


My four children are all awesome people (I might be slightly biased :) ); and for someone who is not artistic ,like my children are, that Cut up Cake Book was a must!! It made for many special birthdays!! and great memories.

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