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brooklyn codger

I have one of these UFOs too - although i am still at the sweater collecting phase. How are you going to sew the squares together? I think this (http://purlbee.squarespace.com/trip-around-the-wool-blanket/) is rawther hideous.

finger thumb

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of butting the raw edges of felt together and then zig zaging it. Nope. I'll be machine sewing them in the normal way, right sides together with a scant quarter inch seam allowance. Then I'll press them open. Most of the felted sweaters are pretty thin (I look for the ones that say 'Italian Merino' as those ones felt really well and don't get too thick) so I think that will work ok. Though I have once done it a different way when I was making scarves, where I did butt the raw edges together, but then used the exact same colour of thread and did kind of an over-under shoelace stitch that weaves from one piece to another, and then there is no seam allowance, and the scarf has no 'wrong' side, so its reversible.

brooklyn codger

that sounds good. i have made blankets with "wrong sides" (seam sides) when i've crocheted granny squares together and i kind of like it. i love the colors you have here.


This is looking amazing so far! I love the colors that you are using and that's so great that they are all repurposed. This blanket reminds me of this one that I saw a while back: http://purlbee.squarespace.com/trip-around-the-wool-blanket/

finger thumb

That's funny, you are the second person to refer to that purl-bee blanket. I like that one too, though not how they zig zaged it together.


sweaters?!?! eeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!

finger thumb

I know, I went through a whole period of time where I COULD NOT pass up a second hand wool sweater. As you can see, the result is that I have enough for a queen sized quilt!

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