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Very cool! Now you just need the water table :P


Yeah, but not by the sand table! Can you imagine the mess? :)

Wow. Totally impressed, too. It really is cool!

I love it when my hub gets handy like this; he designed and made a custom top to our fish tank and I was so pleased and proud I took photos and such too. My enthusiasm was also supposed to be encouragement but I haven't seen anything new since...

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Yes, so true. Too much sand table to water table proximity and we might just as well build a mud table!

And if your hubs is anything like mine, enthusiasm or no enthusiasm, he will only make something if the spirit moves him!

Marcia Van Drunen

Just got all caught up.
And all I have to say is thanks.
Oh, and keep writing and posting pictures :)
Happy New Year!

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oh, you are so, SO welcome Marcia. Its my pleasure.


This is such a great table! I remember these from elementary school and your son is going to have such fun playing with it (heck, I'd have fun playing with it if it were in my house)

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