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I have a great affinity to black and white prints, so I absolutely love these.


Oh, well done!

I think C finds it appalling that I'm absolutely all about bags. You should see the treat I bought myself in England! Mmmm. You can NEVER have too many bags, I say. There's always an occasion to wear what you've got. The ones you made look great for second-hand bookshopping!

PS. My fave from this post is the one hanging higher than the other. Somehow it seems fairy-taleish to me. It looks like the sea...

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Oh Su, I am so with you on the black and white. I love, love LOVE high contrast pattern. And Steph, I would love to see what you got in England. And you are bang on about what I'm going to use this one for - lots of books. Also, you comment about the pattern looking like the sea was one of the things that attracted me to this fabric. It made me think of Japanese wood cut prints of waves. I love that stuff.


Well...I confess it's leather. Which, yes, is weird for a veg. But I can't stay away from leather. I love it. Not as much as wool, perhaps, and I will wear and have as much of that as I can (Colin calls me a sheepkiller because I have a gorgeous, soft, curly, and wonderful sheepskin in my office). I'm all about textiles. I have to learn to knit cableknit pillow covers...

Anyway, the bag. Well, it's more lovely in person. It's honey-coloured and has features that remind me of tack (as in horses). I love to wear it with my leather boots and jeans and a sweater coat and wool scarf...and the best part is, I can always close my eyes and think of England. :)


If our camera was working, I'd take a pic because this picture doesn't do it justice at all: http://www.leathershop.co.uk/product-detail.asp?prod=8597. First off, mine's in the honey colour and that looks a million times nicer, and second, mine doesn't show the Addidas-looking details the way this pic does. Trust me, it's nicer in person. Also, yes, it cost a bloody fortune, but I bought it with the pounds C's parents gave me before I left! :)


Here was another I wanted but the price...


I love double handles, and also satchels.


love these bags...definitely want to make one soon. I have a yard of red and white ikea fabric that would be perfect for these.

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Steph, those are beautiful! I have to admit I don't own a proper, real, adult bag like one of these. Mine are all mall knockoffs. Aldo is about the fanciest I ever get. But these are totally worth it.

And I don't know if a yard would be enough Rebekah, because the Handles are on the bias, and it takes up a lot of space when you cut them out. I ended up using other co-ordinating fabric for the handles. You might need a yard and a half.

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