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I LOVE it!! It's a great cut, and a great shot.

I was just thinking about getting a new cut for the new year, too. Only I've had about six different styles and colours (from platinum to red) in the last few months and I think I'm at the point at which I want to grow it long again. So this head isn't going to see scissors for a long time, if I can help it. It's hard; I love getting my hair cut. But I miss my long hair, even though when I have it I tend to get tired of just putting it back in a ponytail and having no particular style and then I do something drastic.

So for now I'm aiming for at least my regular bob that you see on Facebook. It's close to that now again, sort of.


PS. WAIT - Okay, you returned to Ontario? Like, for always? I thought you were just visiting your parents or something! Update me!

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I think someone should write a psychology paper on the reasons that people cut their hair. Its very interesting. There are many common reasons, but of course, they are not universal. I remember aaaaages ago when I cut my very long hair, that a co-worker who was also a stylist said to me "did you just have a baby or just break up with your boy friend?" And of course, I had not done either, and was a little insulted at how reductive he was being. I like to think of changing my style as a creative act.


great haircut! Love the bangs...been contemplating getting bangs again, but not sure if I'm ready for the plunge.

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Thanks Rebekah! I know, bangs always feel like a plunge. And the upkeep has to be, well, upkept. But I'm loving them for now.


I know why I do it: boredom. Constant need for drastic change and to keep things exciting. Looking for external things to make me happy, things that I can have control over.

Which all sounds sad, but it's not that I'm unhappy in general. Mostly I get bored.

Marcia Van Drunen

I love getting my hair cut.
And I love your stylist, too!
I'm also jealous: one of these days I'll be there at a time when he can cut my hair. One of these days ...

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