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I completly understand how everything is different since having a kid. I am glad you were able to get a pic of the couch!

cynthia vander kooij

Wow, I can't believe that a posting about an abandoned couch almost made me cry and it did in a most lovely way...
I know so well the feeling of working so hard to take care of your kids that the moments of regeneration and creativity can just be gone. And even though we all come perilously close to that when we are moms, and our kids really are worth the sacrifice and do need to come first sometimes (most of the time really), yet it is so lovely to be reminded in your poignant and aesthetic way, that time to be creative is as essential as air to our well being. It really makes us better parents when we take the time, just like you said. Lovely!!!!!


You don't have to be a mom to be crazy busy and have to try and make time for something you want or need to do! I work two jobs: one is 36 hours a week and the other is from the time I get home till the time I go to bed (my freelance editing), so I find myself constantly chasing the hours. You know you're busy when you don't have time to go to Chapters and spend a hundred-dollar gift certificate, which is your favourite thing ever!

Only now it's finally catching up with me and my boss has noticed and brought it up at work, how distracted and tired I am and how she feels it's affecting her business. Meanwhile, I feel HER business is affecting MY business. But with C still unemployed, I need both. Thus, I need to find time to be present at both of those jobs, each in their own time.

As you said, though, finding time for YOU and what you love to do is crucial to being a better person. I agree wholeheartedly. It's taking care of the soul, I guess, and refreshing the perspective.

finger thumb

Steph: you make an excellent point - that parents or not, we ALL need to reclaim a little time for ourselves. So get your ass on over to a Chapters! Even if it is after work, and you are tired, (probably more like exhausted. Stop at a drive through on the way home, snarf down a burger in the car, and then use the time you would have spent having dinner browsing through books, and getting to take some home. Pretend your giftcard is going to expire in the next 5 days, and then you'll have to find the time. Cause dude, two jobs! I don't want you to implode.
Cyn: I'm so glad you posted! Brave lady ;) Its all true, and the craziest thing about parenting is the constant contradiction. Sacrifice Everything! But don't Lose Yourself! It sometimes has that Damned if you do, Damned if you don't feeling about it. Either way, moms in North America are encouraged to take a 24 hour guilt bath. Don't do it, I say. 'Parenting without Guilt!' is my new rallying cry.
Zonnah: two words - wet socks.

Marcia Van Drunen

good reminder :)

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