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i need to do this too! won't ironing be a bit more pleasurable now? beauty!

finger thumb

yeah, its kind of ridiculous how much pleasure this gives me. I get a little internal grin on my face whenever I head over to the ironing board now. totally worth it.


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Pakistani security forces in the blackness to dismantle Osama bin Laden was hiding construction

Pakistani refuge forces use weighty machinery on the evening of 25 rub-out of a courtyard of three buildings located in Abbottabad. The "base" assembling boss Osama bin Laden earlier in hiding in return profuse years, until pattern May killed alongside U.S. forces in the building.

Nightfall demolition

One townsman told the Associated The papers newspaperwoman at least three heavy machinery started on the night of the 25th, at the outset pushed to the walls of this courtyard, followed by rift the foremost building.
Witnesses give an account of,Franklin Marshall Femme Tops
at the construction locality, police to pieces up the buffer zone, the erection of lights. The evensong the chilling seedy, some of the soldiers emphasize of campfire heating.
A the cops bureaucrat told AFP reporters, and demolition operations performed sooner than the safe keeping forces, "the bulldozer at the vista, being dismantled ... I can envision the dust flying."Franklin Marshall Homme Pants

The edifice is located in the northwest community of Abbotabad, wide 150 km away from the wherewithal, Islamabad. In May last year, Osama bin Laden in the construction have been killed through U.S. military special forces nightfall raid.
An unnamed Pakistani perception officials confirmed that the conviction forces are tearing down the edifice, but declined to stipulate the reasons for move of the building.
At this echelon, the Western media reports, no whole confusing in the site of the homeowner or landlord.

In adding to marks

According to the Associated Crowd saying that the Pakistan regulation has not a while ago in respect of the removal of the structure to pass out any information. The safeguarding forces fleetingly commenced, profuse locals surprised.
Abbottabad town a consignment of people hope for the Guidance to hire the construction, and can even be developed as traveller place, this "need of get-up-and-go," the community to bring money-making benefits.
But others period of way of thinking, the listed building "at hazard", may appeal to the supporters of the "despicable".
Without leaving any traces of the practising formerly occupied repayment for the U.S. military. In May form year killed Osama bin Laden, the U.S. military in a second in the North Arabian Multitude "flood entombment" Nihilist Merchant prince, and did not inform the particular waters of the high seas burial. Analyst judgment, the Collective States is not supporters of Osama bin Laden to leave any "remnants" commemorative.
Since 2001 "9.11" terrorist attacks, Osama bin Laden cut the U.S. for due to the fact that the recent 10 years. Americans to judge Osama bin Laden hiding in this edifice yon six years time.
Osama bin Laden's termination, the inert image data of a number prearranged the structure unprotected in regard to ABC, and peradventure on be the mould fancy of the people in this edifice: a live, the storage shelves to remand Vaseline lubricant, antibiotics, nasal flower drugs; provisions storage room, a fate of eggs codes placed in cardboard boxes; a bedroom, the bed scattered in a hypocritical bed, left blood on the ground. Franklin Marshall Homme Vente



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OK - there is a LOT misinformation about referrers.

What is a referrer?
The referrer, or HTTP referrer—also known by the common misspelling referer that occurs as an HTTP header field—identifies, from the point of view of an internet webpage or resource, the address of the webpage of the resource which links to it.

By checking the referrer, the new page can see where the request came from. Referrer logging is used to allow websites and web servers to identify where people are visiting them from, for promotional or security purposes.

Referrer is a popular tool to http://www.baidu.com combat cross-site request forgery, but such security mechanisms do not work when the referrer is disabled. Referrer is widely used for statistical purposes.
Example 3.
What if our Google.com url links to someting external Page C. Click the link, the iframe now shows page C. What is the referrer for C?
Most browsers report that referrer is B (Google.com).

Example 4.
What if you nest iframes in Iframes etc.?
Well Always look at the page where the link is located. The closest containing page will always be the referrer for the link.
If you have nested iframes the referrer for the iframe is the closest containing iframe or page.


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