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Mr. LemurBoy

Totally sounds like an awesome day. And happy birthday to the hubs!


I love A for making you buy the Singer. That kind of husband is totally a keeper!! I mean, my jaw literally dropped when I saw it. THEY HAD THAT AT VV?? I want to shop at your store. Yours is so much better!!

What a lovely day you guys had. I'm happy just reading about it.


PS. I love how my little gravatar square beside my comment is orange all the time. I love orange. But I just have to see if it's orange again. Is it specially for me or a weird coincidence? Let's see...


Aha! It's my own colour! Yippee!

finger thumb

I never noticed that before. Congratulations on your orange square ;)


Well done! Believe it or not, we now have matching sewing machines (but mine came without the gorgeous box). We inherited it from Chris' Oma who used it consistently until the end of her life and it's worked like a charm for me, too! We have a Mennonite friend who services them, if it needs any repairs. We're up in your region the next few Sundays (up to Barrie this week, Baptism on Palm Sunday at the CRC in the Marsh) if you want to work something out.

finger thumb

Oh yes, I'd love to get together Caroline! I'll e-mail you soon.


great finds!

I hope you are able to get that sewing machine up and running. It looks amazing!

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