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Cupcakes are some of the most beautiful things on earth. You must see these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/obliviousfire/. She's amazing. Keep going through her pages and see the alice in wonderland ones! They rock!


I love the pictures, and both she and I loved that you did this for her borthday! thanks so much for making it special for her. She was very excited and they turned out so pretty! You are a rock 'n roll great Auntie!!!!!
Thanks for helping out and sharing in her special day.
p.s. she has not stopped sharing loving stories of her little cousin, still the highlight of it all :)

finger thumb

It was so fun for me too. Plus she is such a good cousin to the Baby. HE is still talking about HER. Every now and then today he would ask for her, and look around, as if to say "she must be around here somewhere."

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