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Allow me to say how proud I am that the baby is climbing everything XD


Oh, what an awesome idea! Might have to make a sturdy apron with a wide waistband and towel attached. I always tuck a towel into the tie band when i put one on, but it always comes loose

finger thumb

You totally should. You'll never regret it.


In my Mother's day, aprons were an everyday part of one's apparel, because laundry was an incredibly big chore, and so one could wear one's dress for a whole week, changing only one's apron. How neat to see that you also realize the utilitarian use of the apron, especially with the hand towel attached. The little "hostess apron" came much later, among the "uppity" homemakers. Still , even my Mom had her clean , dressier apron ready, in case of callers.

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