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wow! congratulations! they look fantastic! i love the embroidery close up!


I am so proud of you!! To have your work published in a book is not only exciting, but recognizes your talents. And there is no doubt you are talented!!


This is awesome!! Congratulations! I think there's nothing like being published, and being chosen as one of the artists for this book is an huge accomplishment. It's a big deal.

And I know what you mean, but working in publishing I understand why a book has to take so long. Imagine how the author feels!

I really love the "sweet" pattern. All of them are very cool. As Leni said, you are talented!!

Marcia Van Drunen

First of all I love the row of "people" on the top of your blog.
Second, the apron is fantastic, and although I'm not an apron wearer, the idea of a towel stitched right to it and so readily available is genius.
And third, congrats on being published!! You are gifted and I feel gifted to know the person behind the blog even just a little bit :)
Love and hugs to you.

finger thumb

Thanks so much you guys. Sharing this with you all makes it even sweeter.


Congratulations!! That's really exciting




congratulations on being included in this publication! Your artwork is beautiful!

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