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How exciting and neat to see the woods that are so dear to me though your eyes----and to realize that the things we shared with you throughout your childhhod really did have an impact. That should give all of you young Moms out there the assurance that time spent with your children leaves lasting memories, and is always TIME WELL SPENT!! Walked through the woods last night, and my heart still aches at having to move. sigh!

brooklyn codger

Hee hee...I remember being VERY AFRAID one time I picked a lady's slipper. I think there was a special Nova Scotia law against it

finger thumb

Yep, there are laws in each province I believe. I'm oddly impressed that despite your fear you were a renegade and picked one. Did you do something special with it, or throw it away out of guilt and terror? ( I would probably have done the later)


Angry Birds

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