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Beautifully written!! It evokes all the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair. And for us there was such delight in experiencing this again, as we have done with our older grandchildren. We just feel so blest to have such special times with a very special little boy!


I'm glad you had so much fun! I haven't been to a fair in eons.

And yes. You must make those coverings for sheep, you must. I would love to see sheep in them.

Also, I found the most awesome skirt at VV on Monday. I thought of you, too, when I bought it. I go for stuff like this, and especially being a Pisces it makes sense. But how to send you the photos of this material. It's soooo awesome. And the bonus of it is that it's a Tommy Hilfiger skirt (I don't really care about brands, but this is nicely made.)

Marcia Van Drunen

Thanks SO MUCH for writing all this up.
Your father's hands are ... ah, I can't think of the right adjective. Heh. But looking at his hands and reading the part about the "rules" I thought, anyone with a grain o' sense would look at those hands and know it was better than fine to allow him to handle a chickie.

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