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Melissa Levin

Hi it's Melissa from The Melissa. you look fabulous in the dress! WOWOWOWOW so happy you are enjoying it. it suits you and shoes just round it out perfectly.
thanks for the lovely post and hope to see you and your readers in Toronto soon.
1080 Queen Street West @ Dovercourt.


Love the dress!! Although there is something to be said for slacks and jeans (which I love to wear) , there is nothing as feminine as the dresses of the 50's! How I loved my full-skirted , bodice-flattering dresses whenI was a teen. I always felt so special and "dressed-up"! The belly-showing, low-rise shorts, and short , short tops just don't measure up to a dress like that one. O.K. I know I'm showing my age---but , hey, that's how I feel.


holy moly - that dress is OUTSTANDING!!! i hope you have many opportunities to wear it (like every friday? every trip to the city? every morning?) WOW!!!!!! you look awesome.


Oh, whoa. The dress is so awesome and you look magazine worthy in it!!

Also, I would have had the hardest time not leaving with those ghost cups. Mmm.

finger thumb

Aw thanks guys! And I'm so honoured that Melissa herself stopped by to comment. I'm glad you left the proper address Melissa, so that if any of my readers are in T.O. they can drop by. So worth it!
Steph, those Ghost Cups are totally you!
And Kendra, inspired by you, I'm going to try and make every friday morning a vintage dress-up opportunity.

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