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Please share the blog with the correct instructions. I've been fantasizing about a funky zigzag afghan for years. Not that I've crocheted an actual thing since grade 5. (I play with forms of crochet in some of my work, but what I do functions as art, not as say a hat.)

Marcia Van Drunen

Ah sweet. Love the colors. Not gonna say that I'll be makin' one any time soon, though :)

finger thumb

Sorry Karen, I totally meant to do that. It was a little late at night when I posted the other day. Anyhow, the blog is called Attic 24, and I've added the link into the above post. Happy crocheting ;)

brooklyn codger

Yes! I used the Attic24 pattern too, and it is so much simpler! I only made a baby blanket tho...are you going full size? I will be verrry impressed. For some reason I always enjoy reading Attic24, even tho I seriously do not have a thing in common with that woman besides crocheting.

finger thumb

I know what you mean about reading blogs that have very little to do with you. With Attic24, its totally her enthusiasm that' s so captivating.

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Oh, and also, Codger, since my cat/pregnancy is finally out of the bag, I can say that it will only be a baby blanket. Maybe someday I'll make a full bed sized one, but now that I'm well into the baby blanket I must say that I don't know if I'd have the stamina for a full size.

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