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here is my thought, gather up all your balls of yarn with the auburgine color in the mix. Do you like it? If you do than you just might not like it next to that light blue but if you don't than toss it. Also, in the end you will not be focusing on this one stripe with all the other colors mixed in. I hope this helps. And grats !!!!!!


The dark purple such a huge contrast to the rest, my eyes always rest on this color and I pretty much skip over the other lovely colours. I thought a nice pale yellow would be a good fix instead of the dark purple. And you've already though of that yourself :) I love using charcoal grey against bright colours.. reminds me of Photoshop :) The grey *could* work next to the nice green on the bottom end. I would start with the yellow first. It might make the blanket into too much of an Easter blanket.. then the grey could bring it back down again. I'm pretty much geeking out on colour here :) Best of luck!! The Blanket is beautiful


my name wasn't called out (never made it on ROmper ROom either)but I vote for keeping aubergine, follow with a turquoise and then the yellow. It works well with the other purple tones and brings it out of the Easter-y blanket realm. And aubergine rocks.

Marcia Van Drunen

wisdom preceeds me in the above comments.
I'm guessing your eggplanty color would not have whacked me in the eye if it was between those two darker blues or directly after the rusty orange. I'm guessing it's the side-by-side with the light purple. But like Alyssa, my eye keeps getting drawn to in in the current set up. However, it's a gorgeous blankie, my dear. Perhaps keep it and do a wee re-arrange. But really it is looking so, so wonderful--I HATE to suggest ripping anything out but that's because I HATE re-doing things myself.
Good luck, my friend. Can't wait to "see" what happens :)
Ah, and no, my name was never called either ...


A stripe of charcoal grey and/or off-white interspersed in the mix would give the eye a resting point. Make another sample and check it out. Of course, take a pic and show us all too. Will you be taking orders for future zig zag/ripple afghans?? =)

finger thumb

Good advice all, I'm thinking I'll try the turquoise for a few stitches (as Hannah suggested) and see if I like it, and if I don't the aubergine will come out and be replaced by charcoal (as per Karen's comment). Though I'm going to wait a few days just in case some other comments come up.

ps: .....and I see Hannah... ;)


I think I would scrap the aubergine, myself. Just because if I kept it then I would have to think about "balance" and "spacing" and whatnot, which would introduce too much stress into my life (I like to keep the stress focused in the non-crochet areas).


Oooh, I can see turquoise working too. Show us, show us, pleeeeease! =)

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