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O.K., I come from the age of woollen snowsuits---not knitted, I'll grant you, but woollen---and no!! You do not want to send the Little Dude out in that!! Scratchy, itchy, rash between the legs where the wool rubbed!!! I can still feel it! And the snow clung to the fabric, making it wet as it melted, and needing HOURS to dry out behind the cookstove! For a baby in a stroller---O.K.; for a child running through the snow---not so!! What a blessing the new materials for snowsuits are!! Nostalgia plays a large part in what we think was neat from those bygone days!! But in reality , things were not always that great. (And yes, that little modeldoes bear such a resemblance to L.D.)

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I certainly get your point, but the wool that is sold in knitting stores now is not that scratchy, itchy, chafing horror that it once was. The ringspun merino stuff is soft and gorgeous. But I'm aware that it is not exactly waterproof. So don't worry, he has a snowsuit for being outside in the actual snow. But wouldn't that outfit be adorable in cashmere.....?


I love these vintage posts of yours. The pictures are awesome, as are your comments. Just yesterday I was listening to a 1937 cassette recording of the dramatization of Hitchcock's film The 39 Steps. It's a Radio Movie Classic recording, produced for the Lux Radio Theatre, and sponsored by Lux Toilet Soap, so there were radio commercials for Lux soap and stockings and so on. Fabulous. Whereas you love the clothes, I adore the recordings, especially the ones I grew up with, but also ones from the 30s and 40s...

I have been asking for a record player for ages. I hope I get one soon...


PS. I love those models' healthy bodies.

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