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GORGEOUS! you are so talented and I think quilting is a testament to perseverence...

I love it!


You should see how good she is at bossing you around when you're over for a quick visit and she needs to put the last touches on the pillow shams...

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Yeah, that's called 'delegating', MrLemurBoy. Plus also you were a very helpful gift wrapping assistant. I think you'll have to come over again just before Christmas ;)


The curry gives it a nice punch. Kudos!

Marcia Van Drunen

That's so CRAZY to see this posting because about two days ago I had a random thought of "hmmm .. I wonder if Dre finished her quilt every?" and VOILA my answer.
Also the hail pics are awesome :)

Marcia Van Drunen

Hey, I just looked at the pic of the other quilt and I think it's MORE than just different colours--that other one has a great deal more wonkiness. And it works, too. Fun to see another quilt!



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Thanks all! Yeah, the curry was my mom's idea, and I was worried it'd be too much, but it was just right.

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