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I'm also an etsy addict. Congrats on the opening of your store, I can't wait to see what else gets added!


Congratulations on your big step! I hope all three bibs sell out in no time flat.

Try photographing the work on a non-distracting background--like white or off-white photography paper for your next items. If that is not readily available, try a roll of brown paper and see if you like the results. Even nicely ironed high thread count white or off-white fabric will work for a basic background. Have fun playing with it! =)

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Thanks for the feedback guys. That's totally funny Karen, because I started out photographing them on an off white background, and they looked totally... dead. I chose the woodgrain because it was more contrast-y and things seemed to 'pop' more. But maybe I need to investigate some other options too. Maybe a solid colour?


Maybe a neutral grey. One thing I learned in art biz class was to make sure all the images have pretty much the same background. I'm not sure if this is relevant in the case of Etsy which did not exist back then. Or try the brown paper background. If you were my neighbour I'd give you some since I have two industrial rolls of the stuff sitting in my studio. If your hubs is in my hood again for the class (or any other reason), I'd be happy to pass some on to you. The wood grain is the right colour but the wrong texture and sheen.


The sheen was in my imagination. The wood is just not the right texture. The oak works well with Harrison Ford's hair colour though! =)

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