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Hey hon, thats a beautiful blanket! I always was a fan of the aubergine. On the name front, maybe Ashley, I know Alan dodged it but in the world of names no one else has picked for their son, this one would stand out...

hugs to all!!!

Marcia Van Drunen

It is luscious and striking and cozy and beautiful. mmmm .
We have a friend named Ashton (he's a college grad).
Not gonna venture too much into the name game, though.
Love you.


It's beautiful.


Good job, looks awesome--now I want to do another one!

I suggest you name your son Ferdinand, Sherlock, St. John (pronounced "Sin-jin"), Felix, or Fabio.


The aubergine looks fine with all the other colours-- it provides unexpected contrast.

You could be ironic and name your new son Van, in a Dutch partial surname kind of way. =) L.D. might like the name since it also refers to an automobile.

Thanks for the update!

finger thumb

Thanks all of you, for the ripple blanket support. I'm happily rippling along now, totally worry free.
As for names, Cynthia, he definitely cannot be named Ashley. For many reasons, but most of all that I would constantly have to do a fake southern Scarlett O'Hara accent and say "Oh, Ashely!" in that pouty way she does, whenever I addressed him, and that would just be weird. Karen, I actually like Van, but it would be very odd in a 'redundancy department of redundancy' kind of way with our last name. Though that would be funny. And Codger, I'm putting 'Sin Jin' on the list of things I'd like to name him but just couldn't. Along with Aloysius. But maybe I'll get to think of him as Sin Jin in my head from now on, at least until he's born.

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