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Good friends have a two young girls and from the beginning they decided to focus on providing experiences for their daughters instead of cluttering up the house with more stuff. I really admire their decision. The parents have consciously chosen to live in a small home and limit the possessions their daughters have. Instead they have walks, tea parties, visits with friends and family, bike rides, and special family rituals like a daily tea time with chocolate at 4 pm.

Marcia Van Drunen

Karen, that sounds delightful.
As we have more children, and they have more exposure to the world, we've ended up doing more gifts. But still, they each get ONE bigger item and then some stuff--the greatest fun is OPENING something, not what's in it. My eldest doesn't want gifts in gift bags--she wants to rip open paper. :)
We've talked about switching to Sinterklaas, but never made it a reality. I like very much the idea of separating the focus on gift opening from the birth of Christ event. We'll see ... obviously not THIS year.

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