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Sounds great! I'd love a copy!

Lisa D'Addio

Have you thought about not going the dessert route with the pumpkins? It is, after all, a squash, and a nice big hollow one at that. Growing up in a house with a father who was addicted to cooking shows, I can promise you that there are TONS of things that can be done with squashes.

Using the pumpkin to hold a casserole. I've had something similar to http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/dinner-in-a-pumpkin-i/Detail.aspx only with wild rice and kale instead of cabbage. Well, and it was stuffed in a winter squash.

A savory pumpkin bread. http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,174,155168-253204,00.html
Never tried it myself, but I have made zucchini bread with great success.

I've even seen cooking shows cut up and roast the pumpkin with other earthy, winter-y vegetables or roasted, pureed, & used to make a sauce for gnocchi. And every Halloween, I swear that I'm going to make one of these: http://www.pumpkinsoup.org/
Never seem to get around to it though.

Marcia Van Drunen

DELIGHTFUL and YUMMY! Recipe please!
O and thanks Lisa for your thoughts -- I have just one pumpkin waiting to be used. I'm going to check out the soup :)


Have been following your blog---what a great way to keep in touch when away!! Eleanor said to tell you she has a great Pumpkin Bars recipe she'd love to give you. I'll bet my Burnt Autumn Soup would be delicious using the pumpkin instead of Butternut Squash! Keep cooking!

finger thumb

Ok, I'm going to do my best to do a big pumpkin recipe post tomorrow. And Lisa, good advice, we had great pumpkin soup both tonight and last night. Thanks for the link!

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