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Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

oh, how i love love love these photos. and although i had the worst pregnancy ever, i miss being pregnant. wait, i miss having the alien belly cause well, i loved it!

I don't know if you ever got my email thanking you dearly for the wonderful bib, and how inspiring it was to meet you, but i wanted to let you know that and i wish that you lived in toronto and that you were my neighbour so that i could share your sugar cravings with you!

big hugs,

Marcia Van Drunen

Love the pics, of course. :)
Funny, just last night I was thinking "I wonder how many weeks Dre is" et voila! the answer to my question!!
Blessings all around, my friend. I'm done with baby belly, but they certainly were profound times in my life.
Oh and Braxton Hicks are REAL labor -- nothin' false about the suckers! They are leading up to where they ratchet up to do their thing, but they are all part of the process and priming the pump so to speak! May your birth go well, my friend. Excited for you!


About the sharing thing, I know what everyone says about sibling rivalry but our daughter who is 5 loves her baby sister and willingly gave her many of her own toys. Not to say that there is never any problems but I think it has alot to do with how you handle the new baby coming in. Their birthdays are 1 week apart and big sis was so excited to get a sister for her birthday and can't wait to have a big dual party with her this year. Maybe it won't always be like this but I hope so.


Oh, Dre, I swear you can't get much bigger!!And don't worry about sibling rivalry. Much as we'll love that little one, the main interaction will still be with L.D. so his nose won't be out of joint. And you guys do such a great job of preparing him, he'll do fine!!

finger thumb

Lisa: I wish I lived in T.O. near you too! I bet you'd be an awesome neighbor.
Marcia: Good to hear that I'm not just being a wuss about the Braxton Hicks. They are uncomfortable for sure, but I console myself by thinking that they are 'priming the pump' as you put it. Hopefully, the more work I do now, the less I'll have to do then ;)
Michelle: I do so hope that the Little Dude will like his little brother. I hear that when the age difference is bigger (like your 5 year stretch) they are much more appreciative. But hopefully it'll work for our 2.5 year interval too.
Mom: I know you'll still lavish they Little Dude with attention. My goodness how he misses you two! We talk about you all the time.

35 weeks pregnant

Wow!! how sweet your boy is...looking awesome & you should stop feeling like that. I had the same kind of feel earlier but I managed myself calming my mind to be cool. After two days, I took my girl outside for shopping and while returning spent few hours at the garden.

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