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Anytime..... because his auntie and cousins are so eager to meet him too!!
You look great and I hope you are feeling as well as you can at 39 weeks. Sending love to you all.


You look amazing!!! Try to rest and scrap the to do list- that baby's not gonna care about any of it!

Marcia Van Drunen

Love this post.
I should send you a pregs pic from ME -- going in public began to be a freak show, and people would literally stop and whisper to each other. and stare. sheesh, and I was NOT carrying twins, no matter how many people took bets!
ah well, all in the past now. it was tough, and it was very, very good. and we have three cute kids. much love to you as you persist through these last days. and it sounds like you fended off the flu--way to go garlic!
I love your last two lines. :)

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