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Wishing you a safe birthing process and a healthy baby. Hereafter, L.D. could be referred to as B.B. (Big Brother)!

jake moore


wishing you all the things you wish for... always
but for right now with this home birth.

rock it like you rock all things, may your loved ones love you extra right now.

can't wait for another little person to be here loved by you!!!!


Wow, I was going to say something about the quilt when you pull out the whopper about being in labor. You are amazing! When the little one gets here he will be the luckiest baby ever! Congrats :-)

Marcia Van Drunen

Wow! I thought I'd just check if there was an update. And LOVED all about the baby quilt and loved the pics. AND THEN YOUR WATER BROKE!!! I'm so excited! Maybe he's already born!!
Okay, Okay, I can wait. ... Waiting!
Hugs love prayers precious memories -- the whole gamut sent your way!


Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!

A xo


Andrea, what a way to end an entry!! We are so excited for you. Our thoughts are with you for a safe and wonderful delivery. Cant wait to meet your little one and for you to experience being parents of 2.

and btw, WOW on that quilt!!! You're amazing.

all of our love,
isa and family xoxoxo


Congratulations! What an exciting day for you and your family :)


Oh my gosh! Good luck sis! Love ya!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! i hope you are holding a sweet new baby! all kinds of love coming your way! <3 <3 <3

oh yeah, and the quilt is amazing!!!

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