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Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

hi there lovely!
so glad that all is better with you! so relieved to hear that baby wasn't breech.

when i was pregnant with max, i had gestational diabetes, i had an ultrasound every two weeks to monitor the size of the baby. When i was last there they told me that max could possible be about 10 lbs or so.

Max was born at 7 lbs 4 oz. We ended up having a csection which was not ideal, but was necessary after 40 hours of labour.

I just wanted for you to know that the ultrasounds aren't really accurate at all!

big hugs for when you have the baby and hope to keep in touch!

Marcia Van Drunen

I agree about the inaccuracy of ultrasounds :)
And that I've read in more than one place that breech babies often turn at the last minute, but our hyper medicals pre-empt the option in this day and age. Anyhoo -- not even an issue. Sorry you had all the extra stress. Stay in there, wee baby, and wait, and stay upside down!


All right! My heart was beating rather hard when I logged on a few moments ago and read"I almost had my baby". "Not yet, my dear. We're on our way home!" We're at the San Francisco airport, and anxious to get home---and so thankful that all is well!! Love you all, Mom


it could be post-partum hormones, but i nearly cried reading this! thank you sweet little baby, for listening to mama!


p.s. azalia was born at 8lbs 14oz! ; )


I'm in tears reading this too, and am SO GLAD it is all OK!!! If a c-section comes up again call me- I can tell you all about it- it really wasn't that bad. Hugs and hugs and hugs to all 3 of you.


I'm so glad everything is not as was first thought. Your relief was so palpable, I felt it myself!

Wishing you a perfectly normal, relatively easy birth of your head-down baby...

Also, I love that you're doing this with midwives.

finger thumb

You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the good comments, advice, empathetic crying, and support. I'm really hoping he's not a ten pound baby. But I'm happy to push anything out of me, so long as its not breech! I'm doing yoga poses to keep him head down, and trying to wear less restrictive clothing in order to make him comfy down there.
Thanks again awesome people.

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