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holy hot hip sexy yummy mummy!! you look amazing and ... those prices, those prices!! amazing. I bow my head in humbled amazement. Good luck with the last weeks!


You look fantastic! I want, again, to call you, but it's about 11pm your time. Sigh.

finger thumb

Aw thanks for the lovely compliments, sweet ladies!
Laura, I've been thinking of you lots lately, wondering how your little boy is doing, as he's not so little anymore, and remembering how I hung out with you in TO when you were as pregnant as I am now. Yes, we must talk. And prefereably before this baby is born!
And Hannah, thanks so much for the good wishes, and you've been on my mind too - mostly when I spill stuff on my belly, get my toddler to pick up things I've dropped (such good advice) and whenever I'm confronted by my new year's resolutions. I'm still up waaaay too late, but am making progress in the laundry situation!

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