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Marcia Van Drunen

fun graffiti!
and on an unrelated topic, your pumpkin post prompted me to turn the lil pumpkin sitting on my counter into something edible. it's now soup. yummy soup. that only I like in our family :)
oh, and it was my daughter's preschool field trip pumpkin that she colored, so she was a little dismayed to see it cut in half and sitting in a baking dish, but I told her it would get all yucky and it was time to eat it. I think the kids were hoping for pie, but I wanted to try making soup!
Thanks for the spur,
and good luck mu-mu shopping :)


so glad you are OK!


I wonder if that "N" in the word "NICE" is suspiciously like an "N" Alan would write...might be worth an investigation. I'm guessing you know him too well to need to look up non-verbal indicators of lying as part of this investigation :P (Although, you can get some good tips about how to do this if you watch an episode of "Lie To Me"--have you seen it? It's one of our faves.)

finger thumb

That is an interesting hypothesis Marieke. However, I'll bet if he did it, It'd be a little more, um, styled and graffiti-ish, instead of just plain old letters. I could be wrong though. I'll be sure to interrogate him as he is falling asleep tonight.

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