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Lisa Mizeri

hmmm.... being the family songstress, I made up quite a few songs for Miranda (though she still insists that her Mira Mira Miracle song "dat's PAPA's song!). We have a toothbrushing song set to the NOFX punk version of the old jazz standard "All of Me'. The one I sang her the most, though, was "Birds and Ships" from the Billy Bragg/Wilco album Mermaid Avenue. Also The Stars 'Calendar Girl". I had a few others (Country Roads, Let me Be There, Here Comes The Sun, and Urge For Going) but those two always soothed her. I have been singing Dylan the Donnie Darko soundtrack version of "Mad World", which I should stop before he is old enough to ask what it means :D I guess I need to find him a new song! I also sing him "The Nearness Of You", I guess that one is okay!

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