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Helen Horlings

As I'm typing the toads or frogs are singing in their choir in our little pond. Usually starts late afternoon but gets louder as the evening wears on. No idea how long it lasts because I fall asleep to their music. Someone told us it was mating time. If I remember correctly this goes on for at least a month.
Enjoy reading your blog and keeping up to date with your family.
Aunt Helen H.

Marcia Van Drunen

I been gone a few days. The hair, it grows indeed. But still ... the curls were wistful. Loved catching up my friend. We had a toad extravaganza over Easter as well as our girls found fistfuls of toads and played with them (in water in two buckets) off and on over the course of three hours!! And I, too, learned of their chirping capability. Absolutely delightful. And then they were released. It was a good weekend.
Blessings, redemption, and chocolate to you honey.

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