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That first cut must be traumatic, especially with boys... they may never have that carefree looking hair again. It doesn't change when they grown up either - men generally cut it too short, in my opinion. My boyfriend and my brother both always come back from the barber with very short hair. Short short short. My dad lets his grow out a bit, but I think that's mostly from procrastination rather than intent. I wouldn't worry about LD, though, he still has gorgeous curls in the back, and the front will grow back in no time!


It's not tha bad, really. He still looks adorable.Actually LD's hair looks like my little girls hair right now. When my mother was pregnant with my youngest sister she had my steofather take the twins who were about a year and a half to get their hair trimmed. They left little girls and when my mom saw them playing in the yard later she thought, who has twin little boys? The hairdresser had only left about an inch of hair because my stepfather told her my mom said short.


L.D.'s hair isn't that short (as of Wednesday mine is MUCH shorter than L.D.'s). He still looks cute. Except for that of my beloved, hair does grow back. When I read the beginning of your post, I was anticipating a buzz cut. What is most important is that L.D. wasn't traumatized by his first cut. =)


Aw, he looks cute. I understand your reaction though—somehow unexpected/bad haircuts are SO UPSETTING.


i feel you. i really do. there is something other-worldly about those baby-curls. however, in some ways it is a blessing that hubs did the dirty work. i did this to my very. own. son.... cause he was just hitting his head on things too many times. (i once taught a preschooler who had long red boy curls and he was always knocking into things. i told myself i would not let this happen to my child. ha.) so once i restored peripheral vision, well, i had to even it out. didn't want the kid to have a mullet! l.d. is still absolutely gorgeous.

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