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Just wanted to say...your blog ROCKS! I have two small boys myself (a 1.5 year old and a 4 year old) so I find that I identify with what's going on in your life a lot. Actually, I do a lot of reminiscing about what it was like having a new baby and a (at the time) 2.5 year old. Yeah, so much poop!
Nowadays I find immense pleasure in watching the two interact and seeing my little guy come into his own. And by "his own" I mean I watch him hit his older brother in the head regularly because he's going through his hitting phase!
Anyway, your little fam is super cute and I wish you lots of sleep and less poop in your not-too-distant future.


For my part, I am not a mother and am not planning on being one for a little while, but I just love the stories about your boys and the voice you have in your writing- not bored at all. Keep it up, change it up if you'd like, but I like your blog the way it is too. :)

Mary Griffiths

Good Sunday Morning- I am your sisters friend (from work) and the tobacco treatment specialist on site---if you ever have the chance- check out the old cigarette ads- with kids in them, supported by actors, physicians etc-!! They really shows how times have changed. I love your blog---Your sister & I read it daily, lottas good giggles and tons of sympathy on runny nose, and fever days!!---brings back wonderful memories raising my twins- all the fun stuff and all the hard work and worry!!
cheers Mary

finger thumb

Welcome Mary! Nice to meet you. I've totally seen those old tobacco ads, I love the ones about how cigarettes satisfy your "T" zone. Very funny. And TWINS! You are a super hero. I take my hat off to anyone who has had two infants at once. I cannot imagine! See you around the blog.

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