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That's a really lovely quilt


Your quilt looks great - so bright and fresh. Love the use of the red and blue through the design. And your baby is totally gorgeous!!


I love the quilt. Wow is your baby a cutie (and I love pictures of baby feet!). This was very fun to read.


Bellisimo! Thanks for sharing the process and making me giggle when you raided hubby's closet. Makes me want to get a husband. Wait, that's just crazy. ☺
BTW, Supercute makes a great model!!

Angie Padilla

One of the things I love so much about this Festival is seeing how many young quilters there are out this, making some lovely, lovely, functional quilts like this one. When I had my babies, it seemed no one my age was interested in quilting. So it is great to see so many young people taking it up. I absolutely love your color combination here. So young and fresh, and perfect for that adorable baby!


What a cutie-pie baby! Great work on recycling and reusing. The quilt looks so pretty in red, white, and blue. I really like the design and perfect for a play quilt.


GREAT Quilt! Love the colors. The pattern is wonderful, such great movement. And your little "quilt tester" is adorable. That's a a quilt he'll love for a long time. Let him drag it around behind him, that's what quilts are for! Really fun.


Beautiful baby and stunning quilt. Your art background definitely pays off because the order that you put the colors is really striking.

Katie B

Oh, my goodness. You're so funny! Your post had me laughing out loud. Love the quilt. You did an incredible job selecting fabrics. And the baby? Could not be cuter!


lovely quilt, great colours. Gorgeous baby, so cute, I also made my Bloggers Festival Quilt for my baby boy, and I use quilts on the floor instead of vacuuming too!


I love everything about your quilt, your repurposed fabrics, the colours, the design, the quilting - and I especially love the backing fabric. Your baby is pretty cute too. :)


Repurposed clothes and bed linens is great--I love vintage bed linens myself. Thanks for sharing and precious baby!


I really like your quilt too, and enjoyed reading the story of it too. I laughed about you cutting up your husbands shirt for the "big" purpose. The result I think really worth it. I hope the little guy will enjoy it too. He seems to. :)


So pretty!! I love the whole aqua/red/qhite combination!! I have a few of these fabrics saved up for just the right day/project. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration to make good use of repurposed fabric as well.



I love that you steal your husbands shirts for fabric, too funny! But worth it, that quilt is fantastic. And used quilts can still be art, think all the old amish quilts in museums now, lots of them were well used.


OH, I love to buy fabric at thrift stores. I made my granddaughter a dress out of a vintage sheer curtain last summer, and it was gorgeous, and only cost me about $3 to make the whole thing!

That quilt is very pretty,but that baby is gorgeous!


darling and vibrant quilt. wonderful story and best pictures are with your absolutely adorable baby!! congratulations. hope your back does better soon--can totally empathize.


I love everything about this quilt - the pattern, the colors, the repurposed fabrics, the backing, the quilting - but especially that precious little baby lying on it! He's adorable!


What a bright and cheerful quilt for your baby to play on. I had to laugh about using your husband's shirt. My husband has started being very protective about his closet since I raided it a while ago for old Hawaiian shirts. He wasn't wearing them anymore, and now he is excited about having them in a quilt so he can still appreciate them.


Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous baby!


Love the quilt, the quilting, the story, and the little punkin smiling on top of the quilt!


What a cute quilt! And with such an adorable model to show it off ;) I love the color combinations you chose.


I love these colours together!
Great work, I love that you cut up yoru husbands shirt to finish it! Now, thats a quilter! :)


this was such a great post about your quilt and the process of it, love your style (cause it's similar to mine ;) glad I found you through the festival.


Very colorful and I love the scrappy binding!

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