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Marcia Van Drunen

Just read your last two posts. I love the bib-etjes (mini bibs/kerchiefs) and marvel at your sewing dexterity. As I don't channel any sort of sewing genius at all. Or if it's trying to get through, I've thoroughly blocked it! And the Ramones doll is amazing! Love the pic with L.D. and the doll :) Your baby is precious and brings about insane desires to snuggle in chubby sweet goodness. Love your fam and your blog. P.S. when is Hubs going to be all better?

finger thumb

Aw Marcia, I wish you could come over and snuggle the baby. He is so ridiculously kissable these days, I can hardly get enough of him!
Hubs is still some weeks away from being fully recovered, though his is much better in terms of sort of day to day doing stuff. Can't use that arm so much, but can get around and be a dad in most of the important ways. And is not in pain unless he stresses the injury. And we sure do love having him home with us for awhile.

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