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Marcia Van Drunen

Lord KNOWS you know more about clothes and sewing than I do, but I was certainly relieved to read that you had the same thought as I did -- why cut off the arms to attach to another body when it's on a body? (clothes, of course, not people) WHEW! Glad that is successful! I'm so enjoying your experience with babyled weaning and LOVE it way more than icky pablum-y food that my kids weren't that fond of. A happy eating baby is marvy. And BOY do I get the "I just want to sit down and EAT" thing. I wonder when that starts? Maybe when the youngest stops being a trial at the table ...
Happy rest to all of you! I'm guessing your family is recuperating, for you to have a blog post that's fun and has pics :)


That's funny-- you're trying to avoid or remove stains and now I'm playing with them (but not on my clothes). I made a few white cotton duck placemats to "gather" the stains from normal use. Of course, I hide these before company comes! Great idea with the ugly T-shirts!

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