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Oh my, talk about "flashback"! I feel again the fatigue, and annoyance, of waking up too many times , and wondering why "the love of my life" didn't hear his child calling/crying. How can he sleep so deeply through it all? And how can he fall asleep so quickly; the moment his head hits the pillow! You're so right---it should be "sleeps like a husband"!


My husband sleeps like the dead and often makes me want to wake him up during the night after I've been awakened by both kids and the dog, whose having a fit because he scared of thunder or the cats or a piece of paper too close to his bed- who knows. Did I mention he's a 60lb lab? Anyway I'll get up in the morning to get the baby and my 5 year old dressed and fed and he'll say to me how he didn't sleep well, sometimes it's really hard not to hit him!


I'm just laughing about the fact that both comments on this posting are about sleeping husbands, rather than burnt bangs.... I'll say no more...hilarious!!! and congrats on making it to the rummage/garage sales. And of course you still looked like the model you could be were it not for great food and crappy air travel :)
sending love to my sleepy mom friends and relatives, Cyn


With that title, and the previous post's pictures, and the EC-ing, and the experiments in the kitchen, burnt bangs were the last thing I would have guessed at. So sorry... I'm growing out a bad haircut, so we'll grow out the damages together, hmm?

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