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don't feel too bad about the plastic chair, at least that was also re-using/re-cycling etc. you saved it from the landfill for a few years but way to go on the wooden one! definitely a keeper.

Marcia Van Drunen

oh my. your sons are delightful and I do SO enjoy that you share them via photographs and anecdotes! and yummy food ideas (thanksgiving). and beauty. and the mental images of little children in muddy cold ponds. I also saw your "test" pillow and thought WoW I've seen that before but not in a long time and OH YEAH that's what it is! Sorry, not placing an order, but like it that you like it enough to pore over swatches to make it and then tell us about it. *sigh*
wonder when I'll see you and the muchkins and the hubs in person. that would be lovely.
Have a great week, my friend. I'll be checking in.

finger thumb

Thanks emme! I still felt like I could not throw away that plastic one, and now it lives at my mom's house as the high chair we use when we are over there for supper. So it'll get a few more years reprieve from the landfill.
And Marcia, we totally need to get together again someday! I'm having a hard time remembering the last time I've seen you in the flesh. It feels like we talk all the time thanks to blogs and facebook, but it would be lovely to lay eyes on you and your little lovelies in person someday again.

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