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Very nice! I love how you designed the handle on the first bag. Mmm, those test pattern bags are going to sell fast!

Marcia Van Drunen

Funny, the test pattern pillow was sort of "hmm ... look at that old memory as a pillow" and I moved on. The test pattern bag, however, made me want one. May they sell well, my friend! Oh, and is that a foam chainsaw?

finger thumb

Thanks guys! Oh, and Marcia, you have a keen eye my friend. That is indeed a foam chainsaw. The Little Dude loves to play 'cutting with a chainsaw' and so hubs decided to make a safe version (so he can 'cut' his little brother too). I was supposed to cover it with crochet or fabric or something, but never got around to it. L.D. happily weilds it with cries of "RIN-DIN-DIN-DIN-DIN". Good times


What light of day isn't today?

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