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Lisa D.

My Cheer Bear, Secret Bear, Wish Bear and Bright Heart Raccoon and my brother's Swift Heart Rabbit and Grumpy Bear all sadly met their demise when my parents' basement flooded, or else I would've contributed them. And yes, I remembered the names of them as well without searching for it.

I think I used to do something like that with my dolls and the bunk bed ladder. No, I know I did, and I used a hankerchief as a doll hammock and each square formed by the ladder was a 'room'.

Incidentally, I don't believe in dating anniversaries, so he's safe in that regard.

Marcia Van Drunen

NICE! enjoy :)

Mr. LemurBoy

Hey, I'm more than happy to have my toys be played with again. Toys are meant to be played with!

The Great Space Lego Debacle of '99 only happened because Lego pieces are FAR too easy to lose or mix up in the boxes and all the pieces are in the right boxes and I'll be... ok, I'll stop.


Awwwwwwwwwww. BEARS! So many things to love about this post.

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so nice to watch that baby girl playing her doll.

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