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Marcia Van Drunen

I'm in awe of your cake.
And LOVE for you the night away you had with the people you were with. Amen -- how awesome! I will savour your posting.
Til next time ...


Crazy! I just made that cake for my sister's birthday (which was Tuesday)! I chickened out & didn't cut the layers in half so it was *only* 3 layers and then there was a bunch of caramel leftover but still major deliciousness! It may have to be a yearly thing now. Totally hear you on adding the butter, sugar & cream. A bit scary, isn't it?

finger thumb

What a crazy coincidence Laura! And that recipe makes SO MUCH caramel its ridiculous. I did split them into 6 layers and I still have a jar full of caramel in the fridge. So good on ice cream, but I should be honest and say that I mostly just eat it off my finger.
And Marcia, I need you to be at the next girls night.


Thanks for the idea... I'm now eating it out of the jar with a spoon! (Because I can gorge more out with a spoon then with my finger!)

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