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Hopefully in a few years there will be a way to treat allergies. Google 'parasites for allergies' to see an interesting theory being researched.


The Specialty Food Shop at Sick Kids has free delivery anywhere in Ontario (and if you order something frozen, they pack it with dry ice in a styrofoam cooler -- $10 extra if you're outside Ontario but no charge in Ontario).


...and I wanted to say, that I am POSITIVE your kid will have the best cupcakes and treats EVER at any birthday party he attends, which will make all the other kids drool with envy, if they are prepared by you. I also predict you will be the author of an anti-allergy cookbook at some point in your future that will bring you much fame and fortune. xxx

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more good tips guys, thanks. Also, Hannah, you are too kind. Hopefully something will bring me a little fame and fortune. I could sure use the fortune.....

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