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Can't believe he'd want to throw out such a beautiful mug which is clearly inviting you to enjoy a delightfully tasty cup of tea!!


However--a mug with a bagel-with-butter on it is also pretty cool!!!

Lisa D'Addio

I think it's not fair to compare two mugs that are so obviously for different scenes.

Mug 1, the bagel/flower amalgram**, is the sort of sturdy, solid mug for which one reaches, bleary-eyed, at 3:30 in the morning before a Black Friday shift. The large handle will keep it in the hand of even the most sleep-deprived, and, at that hour, perhaps the design even makes sense.

Mug 2 is much more delicate and bright. It's for having a nice cup of tea while curled up somewhere comfortable and warm, near a window, while the drinker reads Hemingway and watches the snow outside.

These scenes are slightly facetious and completely self-centered, of course. But I do hope neither mug gets voted off the island, so to speak.

**Having actually typed out bagel/flower, I'm now wondering if it is possible that the mug is somehow punning on how bagels are made with flour. Perhaps, I need more coffee.

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