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O.K., that was great for a morning laugh!! But we do have a ladder he could borrow! Would like the boys to have their Dad around for a while! :)


tee hee. just wait a few years, dre. You'll have plenty of pictures of what your sons have done that are sure to contribute to the younger death rates of men. Like hang off the roof of the house (Will, 4 years old) or climb a 100 foot cliff with no ropes and then fall head over heels back down (Freddy, 8 years old) or walk on ice skates down the stairs and wipe out (Will, 10) or play "circus" by throwing sharp objects at each other(W&F 2 years ago) or play circus and toss the dog at each other (same boys, same day) or drag an old rusty slide out of the garbage heap in the pond behind the park near our house and set it up as a bike ramp and cut themselves open repeatedly on the RUST and then, of course, taking them for tetanus shots . . . both boys, just this summer. They start early, and don't grow out of it. And dad's don't really help in the "setting a good example" department ;)

bc sil

even matt who spends most days on a ladder said..."jeepers...A***...that speaks unsafe!" AND, i think Matt may also be disappointed that he won't have a place to shoots hoops during our visit--lol! hope your hubs makes use of a ladder next time--but not the top step! ;p

finger thumb

Oh Mar, you are scaring me! I kind of feel like I'll be ok with the Little Dude, but our Baby will definitely be the one building his own bike ramp with rusty nails. Sigh. And don't worry my bc sil, I've passed on your tsk tsking to him and told him even Matt was shaking his head.

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