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No point blaming anyone....our son is 28 now, and he was brought up in a 'weapons free zone'....all friends had to check their guns at the door.....no sugar,regulated TV, lots of books, wholesome food, music, art, and sports....country life with homegrown meat and veggies and wild berries....and you guessed it...the guns came with nature....but just for a while....he is now a peace full anti gun kinda young man, even thou he played with natures gun.....and when he was at his friends houses sometimes the real things...he tells me now lol


Too funny!!!! the Ronald Raygun part slays me!!! Having said that just look at the blog below and you can see the influence for the stance, Luke Skywalker has that going on :) its funny when you look at things so often that you don't realise really what they are anymore...like for example I could sing every word of Les Mis and totally didn't realise til I was sitting in the theatre that it is NOT a feel-good pick me up story, but rather tragic beyond belief.... context is everything I think...regardless of that tangent, Little Dude really has it going on with his RayGun :)

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