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Marcia Van Drunen

THAT is cool (the last pic)
Enjoy your lego years!

Chris Van Meggelen

We have some spare females if you're interested. I bet they're small enough I could send them letter mail. We keep getting doubles (mermaid, chick with the boombox). Hot tip: the people who work at the lego store can tell you which fig they are, they are pros at feeling the package. And the little dude has excellent taste, StarWars Lego, Lego and Star Wars are 3 of my favourite things! :)

Chris Van Meggelen

p.s. there is nothing about that last pic that I don't love!


fabulous pictures...lego needs to read this post and get their designers on it!!!
regarding the pop culture reference I immediately knew that 'one woman army' was a reference to ani difranco's song, but did a quick google and am now a fan of the wonderful Kate Earl song!!! Mom's everywhere unite! it ain't easy but we are invincible when it come to our kids :)


My fave is the Pilot/tinkerbell, of course. He's working the do to go with with those wings. Righteous. Also, when Will was a kid, there was a big box of "people" that you could buy. 30 people for $30 and they were fully half and half men and women--and it was normal life people with doctors, police officers, moms, dads, kids, babies, strollers, tools, bicycles, grocers, gardeners ... Auntie Sara bought that awesome box for Will's fourth b-day and those people just ROCKED. We played and played. So, maybe there is still such a box out there ... although that is ten years ago. 10. years. ago. Sigh. Missing those LEGO days (but only for a minute ;)

finger thumb

Oh my GOSH Mar, I would kill for a box of 30 little people! I haven't seen such a thing in the stores these days, and I'll bet you anything it would cost way more now than it did 10 year ago. TEN! I can't believe how time flies either.
And Chris I would LOVE your spare ladies. Tell me how much you want for them and I'll gladly paypal you. They will totally fit in a little envelope. And by the way, do you have any extras of the Shakespeare Guy, holding the skull? We are currently on the hunt for him. Sadly, we don't have a "Lego Store" with knowledgeable employees, just useless big box stores with clueless staff. Instead its just me and L.D. standing in the lego section for ages, feeling up the packages on our own and making educated guesses.
And Cyn, thanks for the Good tip on the Kate Earl song. Nice.


We have just began our Lego odyssey over here and the City Ambulance has both a male and female paramedic...so that's all I've got in the gender equality of Lego so far but I share your concern...on with the battle.

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